TPLX (The Paradise Loft Xperience) is an idea that has been around for many years but is finally coming true. Have you ever in your life met a group of people that you really really liked? A lot of people in one place where everyone get on in a special way. Where you feel drawn to be together because you think it's really fun.

A feeling of a big family you never want to leave, where everyone get along? I'm not talking about a regular company with some friends but something that is 100 times more powerful and magical. Where everyone has shared interests, being humble, kind, not afraid of being themselves, enjoy each other's company, stand up for each other and just have fun. It's very few that has experienced that feeling in their lives and those who has knows what we're talking about. You feel an incredible attraction, you want to be there all the time and ignore everything just to be there. It's like a very strong drug (but much healthier).

We want to create that feeling and atmosphere with TPLX include, among other things, House music, letting go on the dance floor, interest in good music, etc. We want to get that same feeling that was there in the beginning and before the development of House music.

Are you one of those who walk around with a smile all the time, always positive, stand up for your friends and others, are forward, love to meet other people and like to dance, you should definitely look into what we are trying to accomplish.

For those who have not experienced this strong feeling or want to be reminded, we recommend to read about House music history to get a little taste of what everything is about. However, it is difficult to describe in words and has to be experienced. It is also a very interesting reading if you are interested in history, music and nightclub culture.


Nowadays, many people gets confused about House music with practically everything that is released within the EDM genre, even large record companies sometimes set the wrong genre. This is where the hashtag #RealHouseMusic (and we) comes into the picture. One of our goals is to inform about what real home music is, how it started and developed, names of famous people who participated and contributed, as well as famous historical sites, nightclubs, events, etc. We are digging deep in the subject.

Below are some examples of what we mean by #RealHouseMusic, both new and old:

  • Up Next 84bit Feat. Ida Flo - Don't Mess With Me
  • Up Next Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - Soul Makossa (Money)
  • Up Next Angelo Ferreri - Beginners
  • Up Next Angelo Ferreri - Dance With Me (C'mon)
  • Up Next Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song
  • Up Next Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
  • Up Next Anthony Attalla - Agendas
  • Up Next Daft Punk - One more time
  • Up Next Oliver Cheatham - Get Down Saturday Night
  • Up Next Karizma - Work It Out