Swedish House Group is a non-profit association based in Umeå (and before that in Stockholm). We are nationwide with members from different parts of the country, but at the time of writing the most activity is in Umeå.

There are plans for activity in several locations. In short, our purpose is House music. For us, it means taking care of, clarifying, spreading, engaging and forming interest in House music and its history and development. We do not care about politics, religion, ethnicity and such. In our House we are all equal.


Swedish House Group as a non-profit association has actually existed since 2010 when we started but then in a different name and goal. The purpose then was to run a web radio called Radio Clubzone. Radio Clubzone broadcasted only club music in the form of House, Trance, EDM etc. and received many positive reactions. After a few years, it became too expensive to run because of increasing license fees and we decided to stop broadcasting. It turned out that it's quite impossible to run a web radio because of this unless you have a strong financial sponsor backing you up. There was far too little revenue generated from ads, etc. to be able to pay the fees. It is not sustainable in the long run to pay 100% in fees. We were not alone and there were several large web radio stations that had to shut down.


However, the interest in music has always been there and since some of our members have been working as disc jockeys for many years at various clubs all over Sweden and have real house music as a genuine interest, we reorganized in 2017. We changed the name to Swedish House Group (Svenska Housegruppen) and changed direction. The purpose now is to inform about house music, the story behind, how it came to be, significant people and places for the development as well as run different events and trying to get the same excitement and atmosphere that existed when house music was developed in the beginning for many years. We have realized that during our ongoing work on the history of house music, the development of nightclubs is also included as much of it is connected. It is a constant work in progress and enormously interesting with all its history.

All work that we put into the association is non-profit. We do not get paid for what we do, but we do this because we are passionate about our interest of house music.

Does it sound interesting? You are more than welcome to contact us for more information, become a member, etc.