We are always in need of various forms of support. Both non-profit work, knowledge and financial means. We try to be as independent as we can of others in different ways by buying things that we will be able to use instead of, for example, renting. We will benefit from this in the long run and so will our members.

If you have knowledge that you think we could benefit from or if you want to stand up with non-profit forces or simply want to donate a penny, do not hesitate to contact us.


There are several different ways to support us. You can do this via our bank transfer at 5271-6057. Write "Gift" as a message and any amount.


Feel free to check out our web shop and see if there is something you like. If you have ideas for different designs, please contact us.


We are grateful for large and small gifts. Phone numbers will come later.

There are also other ways to support us, such as linking to us. Here are banners and logos that you can use.