EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect 25 May 2018 and contains the most important amendments to the Data Protection Act in two decades. Based on integrity through design and a risk-based approach, the GDPR has been designed to meet the demands of the digital age.

1. Who are we?

Svenska Housegruppen is a non-profit association based in Umeå (formerly Stockholm), Sweden. Our purpose is House music. For us, it means taking advantage of, clarifying, engaging and forming interest in House music and its history and development.

You can contact the person responsible for the protection of personal data here

2. Processing of personal data

We collect and store information in four situations:

  • When you visit our website - for functions, language selection, store settings and for traffic analysis
  • When you register an account on our website
  • When you order one of our services
  • When you donate a gift via Swish / bankgiro

No personal information is collected for traffic analysis when our website is visited and cookies may be used for that purpose. If they are created, these cookies are only used to differentiate between users. No personal information is stored that can be traced to you or your device.

3. Information that we save

Svenska Housegruppen processes your personal information only when you register an account or if you order one of our services, in order to fulfill our legal, statutory and contractual obligations. We never collect unnecessary personal information from you and do not process your information in any other way than what is stated in this text.
The personal information we may collect from you depending on the situation and process is:

  • Name 2
  • Business or home address 2
  • Email Address 1, 2
  • Telephone number 2
  • Mobile number 1, 2, 3
  • Social security number 2
  • Organization number (About legal person) 2

1 When creating an account
2 When ordering a service
3 Donate gift

4. How we use your personal data (legal basis for processing)

Svenska HouseGruppen takes your privacy very seriously and will never disclose, share, sell or otherwise provide your information unless required by law.
We retain your information only for as long as necessary and for the purposes set out in this text. We do not collect information from anyone under the age of 13 and our website, products and services are all aimed at people who are at least 13 years or older.

The purpose and reasons for the processing of your personal data are described below:

  • We collect your personal information for the compilation of contracts when you purchase some of our products, services and updates
  • We use your personal information to answer your questions and provide industry-specific advice
  • We collect and store your personal information for membership information required by Swedish law

5. How long we keep your information

Svenska Housegruppen retains personal information only for as long as necessary and we have strict review and retention policies to fulfill these obligations.
We are obliged according to Swedish Accounting Act to keep your basic personal information that is on an invoice when ordering our services, currently for at least 7 years after which time it will be destroyed.

All personal information contained in a personal account on our website is deleted immediately when the member leaves the membership.

6. Provision of your personal data

We do not share or disclose any of your personal information without your consent except for the purposes set out in this text, where there is a legal requirement or to apply our terms.
Svenska Housegruppen does not transfer your personal data outside Sweden and will always request consent if this becomes a requirement.

7. Cookies and third parties

We use the following:

Who Purpose Type Link
Svenska Housegruppen Used for functions on our website, login, language selection and your settings for the page Retained for 60 days

Google Maps

We use Google Maps features on some of our pages, which means that you as a visitor are bound by its terms of use and by Google's privacy policy.

See their terms of use

Link to Google Maps Terms of Service:

Link to Google's Privacy Policy:
com / privacy

Google Analytics Used to distinguish visitors to your website, track time and pages visited on a website View Their Terms of Use More Details:
Facebook Used for Facebook integration See their terms of use Facebook link:
Youtube Used for YouTube integration See their terms of use YouTube's terms and conditions:
Spreadshirt We use Spreadshirt for our web shop. See their terms of use

Link to Spreadshirt's privacy policy: https: // www.

Link to Spreadshirt's general terms and conditions:

8. Precautions

Svenska Housegruppen takes your privacy seriously and takes all reasonable and security measures to protect your personal information. We work hard to protect you and your information from unauthorized access and have several security measures in place, including secure hosting of our site, protection against antivirus, firewall and malware on all devices and networks, use of an SSL certificate throughout the site, which provides protected encrypted passwords for users who create accounts.

9. Your rights

You have the right to access personal information about you that Svenska Housegruppen has and request information about:

  • What personal information we have
  • Reason why we saved
  • To whom we have or will provide the information
  • How long we intend to store your personal information

If you believe that we have incomplete or incorrect information about you, you have the right to ask us to change the information and we strive to update as soon as possible, unless there is a valid reason, you will then be notified.

You also have the right to request deletion of your personal data as long as it does not contravene Swedish law or to restrict processing in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance and to be informed of all automated decision-making that we use.

If we receive a request for any of the above points, we may ask you to verify your identity before doing anything. This is to ensure that your data is protected and kept secure. If you have an online account with us, you can change and update your own personal information by logging in to your user account.

10. Consequences of not providing your information

You are not obliged to provide your personal information to Svenska Housegruppen, but in cases where it is necessary under Swedish law for us as an organization, we can not provide you with our services in those cases.

11. Leave a complaint

Svenska Housegruppen only processes your personal information in accordance with this privacy statement and in accordance with relevant data protection laws. However, if you want to file a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data or are dissatisfied with how we have handled your information, you have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority, in Sweden it's Datainspektionen.